Billy MacKenzie – 14 Mirrors

A spontán alakult „Szomorú szívek Top 10” listájának befutója ez a szám, mely William MacArthur „Billy” Mackenzie † 1997-es „Beyond The Sun” című albumáról való. Ebben az évben vetett véget önkezűleg az életének is. Utolsó felvétele egy Apollo 440 kollaboráció volt a „Pain In Any Language”.

Billy Mackenzie – 14 Mirrors

(A certain fire , Oh what to do)

Don’t clutter my conversation
Tuesdays good for several feasts
Ask if I got time and notice
Try to keep me warm at least

Show me 14 faultless mirrors
When the sun cuts in an hour late
Show me 14 faultless mirrors
And this time I’m in not to hate

How I lose you as a lover
And keep you as a friend
Or I lose you as a lover
And suffocate in this bed

Be all the things that I am
Do all the things that I can
Feel other’s clash with these hands

What’s wrong with you
You asked me to
Step out on time
And this time
What is left’s all mine


Don’t spare your ammunition
Just get it done and over with
Perhaps this time you wanna crash
Oh spare me now
You know I’m here

Billy MacKenzie

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